eFootball PES 2020

eFootball.Open Online Finals Coming Soon!

The eFootball.Open Online Qualifiers came to an end on February 9, 2020.
Competitors* who earned the right to proceed to the Online Finals will be notified in-game on February 13.
*For each platform, the top 50 competitors from the 'Expert' category are chosen from each region to represent each club.

See below for more details on the Online Finals.

■ Schedule (Per Region)
29/02/2020 (From 18:00 UTC till 24:00 UTC)
01/03/2020 (From 18:00 UTC till 24:00 UTC)
ASIA(Asia Server, Europe Server, Japan Server)
07/03/2020 (From 10:00 UTC till 16:00 UTC)
08/03/2020 (From 10:00 UTC till 16:00 UTC)
14/03/2020 (From 21:00 UTC till 27:00 UTC)
15/03/2020 (From 21:00 UTC till 27:00 UTC)

■ Competition Rules
Rankings are determined by points earned across 15 consecutive matches.
You must use the preset team of the club you chose to represent when registering for eFootball.Open. Stat Balancing will be in effect.

If only 1 person is qualified to participate in a specific Online Finals tournament, it will not be held.
If a tournament is not held to its completion due to unforseen issues, it will be postponed. The alternative dates are as follows:

08/03/2020, 09/03/2020
ASIA(Asia Server, Europe Server, Japan Server)
14/2020/03, 15/2020/03
22/2020/03, 23/2020/03

*Depending on the number of participants, the alternative tournament may be held for only 1 day.
*The specific dates for each tournament will be announced in the in-game Information.
*Participants must press the 'Start Match' button at least once during the Online Finals tournament. Participants that fail to do so will be disqualified from the alternative schedule tournament. As an exception, no one will be disqualified if the Online Finals tournament gets postponed due to unforseen issues, such as server problems.