PES 2019


Autumn Login Campaign: Round 3

Thanks for playing PES 2019!

To celebrate the amazing success of the PES 2019 launch, we're running a login campaign.

Get daily rewards to help strengthen your squad!

11/23 0:00-23:59 (UTC): Skill Trainer x3
11/24 0:00-23:59 (UTC): Position Trainer x1
11/25 0:00-23:59 (UTC): Management Skills Boost x3
11/26 0:00-23:59 (UTC): Scout [★★★★★] x1
11/27 0:00-23:59 (UTC): Contract Renewal Ticket x3
11/28 0:00-23:59 (UTC): Special EXP Trainer x3
11/29 0:00-23:59 (UTC): Tactical Training x3

■ Scout [★★★★★]
・Scout Category: Position
・Scout Specialist Field: CB

*You can narrow down the obtainable candidate players by combining scouts.
*If only 1 obtainable candidate player appears, you're guaranteed to obtain him.

■Receiving conditions
Complete the myClub tutorials.

*You can claim your rewards from your Inbox.
*The contents of bonuses will be changed at 0:00 (UTC).
*You cannot receive the bonus after the date specified.