PES 2019


We have confirmed that the following issues are currently occurring in Master League:

Issue 1:
・This issue prevents you from using Training, Skill Training, or Youth Team Training (Found under [Team Management] > [Training])
・The issue also causes the Actual Progress displayed on the Development Sheet for some players to drop sharply after a certain age.

The sudden drop visible in the development graph does not reflect the actual development trajectory of affected players. Rather, development for these players currently occurs in the same manner as it does for players who belong to COM teams.

As the problem is caused by the Loan feature, it can be avoided by not performing any Loan Transfers or accepting Loan Transfers offered by the COM.

However, please note that if this issue has already occurred in your game, the upcoming patch file will not be able to rectify it. Your only option is to revert to a saved game file that was created before the onset of the issue.

Issue 2:
・Following the implementation of the update file released on 10/25/2018, the matches listed below are held during the day despite the fact that they are night matches.

- European Club Championship
- European Masters Cup
- European Super Cup
- South American Championship
- AFC Champions League
- Farewell Match

This issue can be avoided by not opening the Stadium select screen after pressing [To Next Match].

All of the above issues will be rectified in an upcoming patch file.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused.