PES 2019


Update (18/04/2019)

A fix for this issue was (originally announced on 12/04/2019) was implemented in today's maintenance.

Please be aware that deleting Auctions that were added to your Watch List before today's maintenance will still cause additional Auctions to be deleted from the list unintentionally.

We apologise once again for any inconvenience caused.

Original Post (12/04/2019)

The following issues are currently affecting Auctions in {myClub}.

・An issue where adding an Auction to your Watch List results in an additional Auction being added to the list.
As this issue may cause your Watch List to fill up faster than expected, try to keep the Auctions you add to the list to a minimum. The list can only display {100} Auctions at any one time, so we recommend limiting yourself to {50} Auctions until a fix is implemented.

・An issue where deleting an Auction from your Watch List results in an additional Auction being deleted.
Occasionally, this issue prevents you from deleting Auctions altogether.

Both of these issues will be fixed soon during maintenance.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.