PES 2019


[22/11/2018 Amendment]
The previous Update File announcement made a reference to "Updated Legend Images" as part of the new content released on 25/10/2018, however, this was incorrect.
No updated Legend images were added in this particular update file. We apologise for this miscommunication.

A new Update File (Data Pack 2.00 & Patch 1.02.00) was released on 25/10/2018.
See below for further details.

■Updates and Additions
・New Leagues added (CFA Super League & TOYOTA Thai League)
・Updated Legend images
・Updated face models
・Updated strips
・New boots added
・New stadiums added

■ Gameplay Adjustments
・COM opponents will now play less long passes from the centre of the pitch to the wing.
・COM opponents will now play less low crosses from the wing.
・COM opponents will now display enhanced understanding of opposing player positions and will attack the goal more aggressively.
・COM opponents will now display improved logic concerning shooting, enabling them to take advantage of a greater variety of situations and opportunities.
・Goal keepers will now display improved AI in 1v1 situations, ensuring that they rush out to meet players converging on the goal.
・Fixed an issue that prevented defenders from positioning freely, causing them to occasionally become stuck behind opponents when competing for goal kicks and other high balls.
・Improved the accuracy of headers on-goal performed by players who aren’t under pressure.
・Adjusted the accuracy of chip shots.

・Fixed an issue causing player locks to be removed in myClub’s [New Signings via Agent] screen
・Fixed an issue affecting throw ins in myClub SIM matches
・Fixed an issue causing the incorrect commentary to be played for players that had already scored goals in Become A Legend
・Fixed an issue that caused an 11th match to be displayed in Online Divisions under certain circumstances
・Fixed an issue that caused Online VS User Match matchmaking to fail following a connection error
・Fixed sponsor logos for a number of teams
・Fixed commentary for a number of players