Operation Policy
Operation Policy

1. General Operation Policy

・The Operation policies stated herein are based on the terms set out in the User Agreement for the Online Service (hereinafter "This Service") of PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 (hereinafter "This software") as provided by Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "our company).
・Our company will run this service in accordance to the terms of this Operation Policy.
・The aims of the Operation Policy are as follows.
(1)To solve any problems that may occur within this service.
(2)To protect and bring balance within the service environment.

・Our company reserves the right to alter the terms of the Operation Policy without notice. In this event, the revised policy will be posted on the Official website and will be assumed effective as of this date.
・Any violation of the Operation Policy may result in the user receiving a warning or penalty in accordance to "6. Penalties for Improper Conduct"

2. Game Masters

・Our company will place Game Masters (hereinafter "GM") within this service.
・The GM is our representative that provides support to our users to ensure the smooth running of this service.
・The GM may also monitor users and take action in the case of any problems such as harassment or any other improper conduct.
・The GM has the authority over all aspects of this service including monitoring and penalising users, the running of any events and the handling of various information. The GM's ultimate aim is to ensure that the users can make the most of this service in a pleasant and trouble free environment.
・The GM will do its utmost to respond to customer questions, requests or suggestions, but please note this excludes requests which; are unclear, inconvenience other users or give unfair advantage to specific users.
・The GM will regularly compile information, questions, requests and comments sent by users in an effort to improve services provided by our company.
・Users are obliged to comply whenever given instructions regarding the use of this service by the GM.
・The GM will NOT do the following.
(1)Disclose users' personal information to other parties without consent.
(2)Ask users to disclose passwords within this service.
(3)Become involved in user disputes or take allegiance with a specific user or user group.
(4)Disclose the GM's personal details such as contacts.
(5)Use the GM's name outside operational matters within this service.
(6)Make malicious comments to any specific user. (The GM always takes a neutral stance)
(7)Converse with users for non-operational matters.
(8)Disclose information prior to its public release.

3. User Obligations

・Users are not to act in violation of the terms stated within this Operation Policy.
・Should users discover any problems with the service, please inform us promptly by making use of the mail form on our official website.

4. Prohibited Conduct

Users are subject to penalties or warnings should they display any of the below listed behaviour.
For details of penal standards, please refer to "6. Penalties for Improper Conduct".

・Disclosing your personal details or that of any other user. (e.g. Address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses)
・Any activity which is deemed offensive against other users.
・Matches Frequently Abandoned
・Excessive use of language deemed incomprehensive by a majority of users.
・Use of inappropriate language when using features provided by this service that allow users to enter text which will then be displayed within the game
(1)Use of language deemed to be against common decency.
(2)Use of threatening language or language implying threatening behaviour.
(3)Use of expressions associated with any soliciting, advertising, political campaigning, sales and religious activity.
(4)Use of abusive, threatening or slanderous language aimed at the GM, our company, other users or any other organisations
(5)Use of slanderous language against a specific nationality, race or religion
(6)Use of language implying or actually organising, supporting or inciting any criminal activity.
(7)Use of language or expressions disclosing any personal information.
(8)Use of language or expressions geared to extracting personal information out of users.
(9)Use of language or expressions which are detrimental to this service or can be perceived as an act of vandalism.
(10)Use of language with of intent of undermining the smooth running of this service.
(11)Transfer of account ownership or any statement signalling intent to transfer account ownership.
(12)Use of language showing intent to exchange accounts or other in-game items for anything of monetary value (RMT or Real Money Trade).
(13)Use of language with the intent to impersonate an administrator or a member of our company with a view to mislead other users.
(14)Use of language which is in violation of any third party rights, trademarks or copyrights.
(15)Use of symbols or special characters with the intent of avoiding detection in committing any of the above offences.
(16)Use of any other language which our company deems detrimental or offensive to the majority of users.

・Committing fraudulent activity via text chat, posting comments or any form of Mail
(1)Impersonating a GM or an employee of our company.
(2)Use of any language with the intent of deceiving other users.

・Discourtesy when playing Matches.
・Inappropriate and offensive behaviour towards your opponent.
・Intentionally manipulating Match Results
・Exploiting or abusing the Game's system
(1)Disclosing details of any problems with our service to other users without informing our company in advance.
(2)Exploiting or abusing such problems to the detriment of our service.
(3)Any other conduct which interferes with the running of this service

・Giving away your account to another user or sharing access to it
・Trading of all in-game data including and not restricted to accounts and items with commodities which hold real life value such as cash (RMT)
・Legal Infringements
(1)Modification of this software or software program as well as alterations, deciphering and creation of any illegal data.
(2)Creation of accounts using false information or personal information obtained from third parties.
(3)Fraudulent use of accounts belonging to other users.

5. Trouble Between Users

・Both our Company and the GM adopt a non-interventionist policy regarding any user trouble and ask users to solve their differences through their own responsibility. However, exceptions may be made if reaching an agreement proves to be difficult, damage is incurred by other parties or in cases where the issue threatens the continued running of this service.

6. Measures against Inappropriate Conduct

・Should users act in violation of or engage themselves in acts which may lead to a violation of the Terms of Service, Our Company as well as the GM will take the appropriate measures including warnings as outlined below.
・Our company as well as the GM reserves the right to unsubscribe users who continue to behave in an inappropriate manner despite receiving warnings from the GM without prior notice.
・Details of measures taken against individual users will not be disclosed under any circumstances and our company will not respond to inquiries regarding the issue.

Affected PartyCategoryAction1st time2nd time3rd time4th time
Individual UsersGame play (*1)A high number of Own Goals
Frequently disconnected matches
Discourtesy when playing Matches
CautionAccount Suspension (7 Days)
Competition entry Suspension (30 Days)
Account Suspension (30 Days)
Competition Ban
Account Ban
Intentionally manipulating Match Results
Abandoned matches(*2) due to abuse
Account Suspension (30 Days)
Competition Ban
Ranking Ban
Rating Reset
Account Ban--
Discourtesy when playing Clan matchesSuspended from Entering Clans (7 Days)Suspended from Entering Clans (30 Days)Permanent Ban on Entering Clans-
Intentionally manipulating Match Results in the competitionsCompetition entry suspension (7 Days)
Account Suspension (7 Days)
Competition entry Suspension (30 Days)
Account Ban-
Team Names
Match Room
Inappropriate names or comments
Names or comments infringing any rights
Names or comments edit
Account Suspension (7 Days)
Names or comments edit
Account Suspension (30 Days)
Names or comments edit
Account Ban
OthersIllegal act to obtain items
Malicious Misconduct that may not be restricted to the Operation Policy.
Using unofficial data programs (*4)
Inappropriate Names(*5)
Account Sharing
Criminal Activity
Account Ban---
ClansGame play (*1)A high number of Own Goals
Frequently disconnected matches
Discourtesy when playing Matches
CautionClan Suspension (7 Days)
Match Records Reset
Clan Suspension (30 Days)
Match Records Reset
Permanent Clan Ban
Intentionally manipulating Match Results
Abandoned matches(*2) due to abuse
Clan Suspension (30 Days)
Match Records Reset
Permanent Clan Ban--
OthersIllegal act to obtain items
Malicious Misconduct that may not be restricted to the Operation Policy.
Using unofficial data programs (*4)
Criminal Activity
Permanent Clan Ban---

※(*1)Action taken in accordance to Match Records and Frequency
※(*2)An abandoned match is one that ends during the middle due to unforseen circumstances. The result is null and void, and will not be recorded.
※(*3)Comment text registered by [Edit Profile] and [Create / Edit Clan].
※(*4)Modification of this software or software program as well as alterations, deciphering and creation of any illegal data.
※(*5)Action taken once the user is identified
※In cases of Gross Misconduct, measures taken may not be restricted to those outlined above.

7. Network

・Our company will not be held liable for connection quality of the transmission environment used by the user to connect to this service.
・Our company cannot guarantee that our service will run smoothly when users choose to connect to it using transmission environments other than those specifically recommended on our Official Website. Please also note that we cannot be held liable for the quality of the connection should difficulties originate from the transmission environments used by their opponents. Neither will we accept any returns of this software for reasons of non-use of service due to any deficiencies with the Transmission Environment as prepared by the user.

Version 1/8/2018