PES 2019


(11/10/2018 Update: Users who performed the necessary account links during the campaign period listed below under “Period” were also sent campaign rewards.)

We have announced to send the rewards for the Live Stream campaign for PES LEAGUE WORLD TOUR 2018 WORLD FINALS (Console) on 21/07/2018 to users who qualify under the following 3 requirements.

①Enter the keyword revealed during the campaign by 21/07/2018 22:59(UTC) in the Entry page
②The PES 2019 in-game account linked to KONAMI ID by 13/09/2018 02:00(UTC)
*The same KONAMI ID must be linked for entry and in-game.
*The game account is linked to the Konami ID based on the flow below.
③Complete the PES 2019 myClub mode tutorial by 20/09/2018 02:00(UTC)

We gave out the bonus items to the users who have fufulled all of the requirements on 20/9/2018.
However, it has been made clear that some users have not finished steps ② and③, therefore we are extending the period of the campaign until the following date.

20/09/2018 08:00 (UTC) - 27/09/2018 02:00 (UTC)
The accounts that have met all of the requirements above by the end of the campaign period will be given the reward items on 11/10/2018.

As for ①, the correct keywords were FEATURED PLAYER / D.MARADONA / FC BARCELONA.
If you have not selected the keywords above, please note that you are ineligible to receive the bonus items.