PES 2019


마스터 리그의 진화

프리시즌의 International Champions Cup, 개량된 이적 협상, 그리고 추가된 라이선스 리그. 이 3개의 커다란 변화가 가져올 진짜 감독과 흡사한 발걸음을 체험해 보자.

프리시즌에 'International Champions Cup'이 개최된다.
각국 리그의 빅 클럽이 모이는 대회에서 새로운 시즌의 전력, 전술을 파악하자.

예산 관리와 협상의 흐름을 개량. '셀 온 조항 옵션', '무실점 옵션'도 추가되어 경기장만이 아닌 클럽 관리도 전략적인 수 싸움이 중요해졌다.

새롭게 추가된 리그를 마스터 리그에서도 즐길 수 있다. Scottish Premiership의 '스플릿' 시스템과 등 모든 리그의 규정을 지원.

Addition of News Feed

A news feed will be added to the Master League menu that will host videos such as the press conference for a newly signed coach, winning a competition, being awarded an individual title and moments that highlight important milestones of the club you are managing.

More accurate and realistic player development

Player development will be more accurate and realistic, supporting all new 11 new skills traits that were added to PES 2019. "GK skill" added to key training. Furthermore, there will be a function to distribute the degree of focus for each training item. Users will also be able to develop players according to their team strategy.

Flow of transfer negotiations

The general flow of transfer negotiations has changed so that conditions/terms will be known from the start.

Team Role and personality

Review each players personality traits. The personality of a player can be made up of from one of four personality traits, and their team role will be based on their personality.

New Team Role effects

New roles such as Rising Star, Bad Boy, and Superstar will be added to Team Role.