PES 2019


German powerhouse FC Schalke 04 becomes one of our new partner clubs.

FC Schalke 04 is one of the major clubs in Germany, having won 7 national leagues and finishing as runners-up in the 17-18 season.
As part of their establishment as a PES partner club, we have produced a highly detailed recreation of their home stadium, VELTINS-Arena, for use in PES 2019.
Extensive analysis of the stadium combined with the use of our state-of-the art 3D scanning technology has enabled us to recreate VELTINS-Arena with extremely high fidelity. Every aspect of the stadium has been reproduced with meticulous attention to detail, including the field itself and the exterior view, as well as the seating area and the player's tunnel.

Lighting data obtained from multiple points around the stadium has been utilized to capture the unique atmosphere of VELTINS-Arena, allowing you to experience it as though you were a player out on the field.
Through this unparalleled level of realism, fans will be able to feel every ounce of pregame tension and revel in the excitement of playing a match at VELTINS-Arena in PES 2019.

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