England's legendary players, Paul Scholes and David Beckham, who joined the club's academy in the same year and were members during the golden era of the club as they won the national league, national cup, and the European championships, and have supported England's National Team for many years, are now playable in PES.

The legendary midfielder Paul Scholes, is known for his perfect first touch, outstanding technique, great eye for predicting his opponent's tactics, and incredible stamina that allowed him to freely make his way across the pitch.
David Beckham, is the English prince of football with an exceptional right foot that accomplished absolutely beautiful bends countless assists.

This campaign will include the 1998-99 season of when both Scholes and Beckham were the shining young players for the club and England's National Team.
Obtain these Legends and relive that legendary season or pair them up with current players of your choice. Create your dream and enjoy playing matches with your rivals.

【Campaign Period】
Pro Evolution Soccer CLUB MANAGER (mobile) : April 27th, 2018 - May 2nd, 2018
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (console): Coming Soon
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (mobile): Coming Soon (only Scholes will be available)
Por favor, revisa la información dentro del juego para saber los detalles de eventos y campañas.