This week in myClub, you can play CO-OP competitions in the VS COM Challenge Cup!

Team up with 2 or 3 other users and enter the tournament! It's not only about individual skill. You'll need to link up with your teammates and work together if you want to get the rewards.

The Special Agent 'Speed STARS Lv.1', which can obtain SILVER ball or higher players, can be earned the first time you win the competition.

What's more, in this tournament only, you'll earn double the GP rewards after each match!

This is a great chance to boost your GP, so work as a team and reap the rewards!

09/28/2017 08:00 (UTC) - 10/05/2017 04:00 (UTC)
*Exact start and end times may be affected by maintenance.

■ Special Agent: Speed STARS Lv.1
SILVER ball or higher players with awesome speed will be available.
*Players are obtained from this Special Agent at Lv.1.
*myClub menu [Contract] - [Special Agent], press [List of Targets] button in the Special Agent list to confirm the available players list for each agent.