This week in myClub, a Special Agent that can obtain players with tremendous dynamic speed will be available!

These players utilize their lightning quick speed to run rings around the opposition and save your team in clutch moments!

Don't miss this chance to pick up some players with the speed needed to accelerate your squad to greatness.

Have another awesome week on myClub!
*Please note that this Special Agent is not able to obtain the same players as the Special Agent of the same name that was released in September of 2017.

01/25/2018 08:00 (UTC) - 02/01/2018 04:00 (UTC)
*Exact start and end times may be affected by maintenance.

■ Special Agent: Speed STARS
SILVER ball or higher players with terrifying speed will be available.
*Please note that this Special Agent is unable to obtain Goal Keepers.
*Players are obtained from this Special Agent at Lv.30.
*myClub menu [Contract] - [Special Agent], press [List of Targets] button in the Special Agent list to confirm the available players list for each agent.