If you are playing this game for the first time, please create your System Data.
• Any previously saved System Data will be loaded automatically and the game will proceed to Top Menu.

NOTE: All controls described in this instruction manual assume that you use Left Stick (Default) for player movement. All Left Stick actions can be substituted by directional button inputs.

For other control settings, please refer to the Command List in the Pause Menu.

Basic controls in menu screens

  • Left Stick / : Select Option
  • Cancel
  • Confirm


• If you see a icon on the screen, this means that you can display Help Text on how to play the game or what the current screen does by pressing the . • As detailed descriptions of each game mode can only be found on these help screens, we strongly recommend that you view them whenever you have the option to. • When you start the game for the first time and have chosen your settings, you will be able to practice the essential controls of this game in "SKILLS TRAINING".


Register a KONAMI ID to receive the latest news on your favourite content, as well as information on special campaigns. You can log in to your KONAMI ID at any time by going to the Top Menu → EXTRAS → Settings → KONAMI ID.


Data will be saved automatically at certain times in this game including after the final whistle.

• Some data including Personal Data can be exported on to storage media.