With his rare techniques, creative ideas, and on-point finishes, Ronaldinho was indeed a fantasista with a high level of offensive skills that truly fascinated football fans from around the world.
Known for his Elastico, no-look passes, and step over techniques, and being able to have control over the ball with his entire body and bring it to a goal, has left significant memorable moments amongst the fans and is quite the admired legend.

He has lead FC Barcelona to become European champions and obtain consecutive wins during the Spain League, as well as contributed to the Brazilian National Team as #10 to become the best in the world. Individually he has been awarded the best European player and the best player in the world.
The player who is undoubtedly is a true legendary player will be appearing in the Pro Evolution Soccer series as part of FC Barcelona.

【Campaign Period】
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (mobile): April 26th, 2018 ~ May 7th, 2018
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (console): April 26th, 2018 ~ May 3rd, 2018
Pro Evolution Soccer CLUB MANAGER (mobile): coming soon!

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