Largely expanded Edit mode, with freely editing kits, players, and stadiums available!

By selecting low resolution when importing images, the limit of kit creation will be quadrupled compared to the past.
Also, you can import all your edited kits and player data in a batch on your USB memory stick. Select your team and apply the data you choose.

Edit Strip

  • Changing Resolution for Imported Images(Only PS4™ system)
    With the improvement now allowing to change the resolution of the images you can read more images than the limited amount in the past.
    (e.g. Change the 2048 x 2048 resolution to 1024 x 1024, and you can add up to 1000 patterns for kits)
    How to Import Data(Only PS4™ system)

    Changing Resolution for Imported Images

  • Collars
    Collar types increased from 4 to 13.


  • Markings
    Adjust where you want to show the player's name and squad number (front, back, and shorts).


  • Base Colour
    You can change the base colours of your marked kits for those you have imported. This will change your colours of inners and your radar.

    Base Colour

Edit Team

  • Commentary City Name
    Many new commentary city names have been added.
    You can also edit your commentary team name in myClub (You can also choose "None") .


  • Setting Team Colour
    Separately choose your team colour and the base colour of your kits.
    Your team colour will determine the colour of the goal nets, the hoardings, and how your fans dress.
  • Batch Import for Team Data (Only for PS4™ system)
    Import all your edited kits and player data in a batch on your USB memory stick. Select your team and apply the data you choose.
    *Access to PSN is required to import images.

Home Stadium Settings

  • Stadium Images(Only PS4™ system)
    Change and set your imported home stadium image to your own.
    Your image will be displayed on the MATCH MENU.

    Stadium Images Stadium Images

  • Goal and Net
    Choose from 2 to 5 poles for the goal shape,
    and square and hexagon types for the net shape.

    Goal and Net Goal and Net Goal and Net Goal and Net

Edit Player

  • Edit Youth Team Player
    Edit Youth Team players from the European, South American, and Asian club teams that appear when you start MASTER LEAGUE (You can only edit players).

Edit Manager

  • Manager Transfer
    You can now freely edit managers that can be now transferred to other teams.


How to Import Data(Only PS4™ system)
Data from a folder on your USB memory stick that includes WEPES in its name will be imported.
Files which meet the following conditions can be loaded:
Resolution: 64x64 - 2048x2048 pixels.
Format: JPEG; PNG
Strip Samples
Download sample data of strips to create your own original one.
Download Sample
  • Windows: Right-click on the displayed image and select "Save Picture As…".
  • Mac OS: Click on the displayed image while pressing the Command Key and select "Save Image As…".
Import Image(Only PS4™ system)
Strip (L) 2048×2048
Strip (S) 1024×1024
Team Emblems 256×256
Competition Emblems 256×256
Manager Photo 256×256
Stadium 1024×512

*Please note that the movies and screenshots are from PS4™ system.