Konami Group Certified as "Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization 2024 (White 500)" for 8 Consecutive Years

KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION has been certified as an "Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization 2024 (White 500)," one of the top 500 companies meeting set criteria and implementing excellent health and productivity management practices in cooperation with insurers, for 8 consecutive years.
Certification was granted amid stricter screening with responding companies increasing by 11% from 3,169 last year to 3,520.

"Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization 2024 (White 500)" Certificate

Konami Group places special emphasis in establishing a relationship with employees in which they can grow together with the company's growth, by creating a workplace that enables each employee to maximize their talents.

■ Konami Group's Major Approach to Health and Productivity Management

Konami Group conducts an array of programs to support the health and fitness of our employees. For instance, we keep nurses on staff at our offices, and conduct regular health check-ups with industrial doctors. We also set a framework where our employees always have easy access to health-related advice.
In addition, we set a recommended date for employees to take paid leave each month, conduct regular stress check-ups, arrange for medical personnel to administer inoculations within our offices as a preventative measure against influenza, subsidize the use of Konami Sports Clubs and send out information to maintain & promote our employees' health.
In cooperation with Japan's largest combined health insurance group Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association*, we also make ongoing efforts to maintain and promote the health of not only our employees, but also their families. Organizing physical education events such as walking competitions and health promotion seminars, announcing on-site women's health check-ups, and providing health information through the health portal website are some to list. *Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association composes of 7,373 member companies and 656,829 insured employees (as of the end of February 2024.) The Association is currently chaired by KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION's Representative Director, President.

■ Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization 2024 (White 500)

This is a certification jointly administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Nippon Kenko Kaigi, an association consisting of leaders in the business & medical sector and local municipalities. The program recognizes large corporations that implement excellent health and productivity management practices in cooperation with insurers. This year, 2,988 organizations were recognized in the "Large Enterprise Category" with 500 of them certified as "White 500" organization.

Konami Group will continue to create a healthy and vibrant workplace for employees through "Health and Productivity Management" practice.