Workplace Safety and Maintenance

Emergency Drills

The Konami Group conducts emergency training in spring and autumn each year, to ensure safety and lessen damage in the event of a disaster. The training provided covers contacting the emergency services, fire extinguishing, guidance, and evacuation, thus keeping disaster preparation awareness at its highest.

At Konami Group head office, we cooperate with the fire department and building management to conduct emergency training in which participants are instructed in fire extinguishing and evacuation.

In addition, all our domestic offices coordinate with their local fire departments to conduct an emergency drill on the same day, to maintain a high level of disaster preparation awareness throughout all our staff.

Konami Group Head Office

Konami Group Tokyo Technical Center

Konami Group Kobe Technical Center

Konami Group Ichinomiya Office

Training Shaped by Real-Life Disaster

Following the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, railway and other transportation disruptions resulted in a great number of stranded commuters, leading to confusion and congestion at train stations and on roads.
As a result of this disaster, the Konami Group re-examined our emergency drill system, taking measures such as revising regulations and creating stockpiles of emergency provisions.

Implementing an Emergency Contact System

The Konami Group has devised an emergency contact system to provide family members with quick and accurate information about an employee in the event of an emergency.
Having every one of our employees undergo information reporting training as part of our emergency drills enables our staff to remain aware of what they should do to keep others informed should disaster strike.