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KONAMI offers esports GINZA studio to corporate with
"Sketch the Future 2020 -Idea Competition-"
a non-gathering livestream discussion panel for refugee support

KONAMI cooperated with "Sketch the Future 2020 -Idea Competition-" organized by World Vision Japan, a Certified Specified Nonprofit Corporation, by offering its esports GINZA studio as a venue for the March 8, 2020 "Refugee crises talk event and idea workshop."

As a precaution against the spread of COVID-19 schools were canceled nationwide but this event was conducted by changing its format to a non-gathering livestream version with the goal to provide youths the opportunity to engage online. The event was carried out without much change from its original plan with esports GINZA studio's latest streaming devices.

"Sketch the Future 2020" is an idea competition to support refugees, conducted under the goal to raise awareness to the issue amongst the younger Japanese generation. It is supported by various prominent companies and has gathered great interest for offering the winning team with the right to actualize its idea.

Tasks set by supporting companies to the event's theme "Present an idea that would bring attention to the refugee athletes coming to Japan next summer*" were disclosed and proposals were accepted from February 3, 2020. The event at esports GINZA studio took place as a brainstorming session to further active ideas for these tasks.
*Note: The topic has been revised due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

The event was composed of two section with the first part being a talk session by special guests including Akira Ikegami, journalist & political commentator, on "issues surrounding refugees" and "Refugee Athletes." The second part was a brainstorming session for supporting companies to explain the tasks they have each set.

The event from esports GINZA studio was distributed on World Vision Japan's official YouTube channel. Live interactive communication with the viewer and program hosts was also available by utilizing a system to accept questions during the program.

Konami Group will continue to contribute to the society by playing its role as a good corporate citizen through engaging in this type of activities.

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