The Environment

Energy Conservation Initiatives

KONAMI makes unified efforts throughout the group to reduce CO2 emission and conserve energy at its offices and facilities.

Participating in the "Fun to Share" Campaign

In order to actualize a low-carbon society through energy conservation initiatives, Konami Group supports the "Fun to Share" national climate change campaign promoted by the Ministry of the Environment.

Setting Eco-Friendly Temperature Standards

- Practicing of COOL BIZ / WARM BIZ

Office temperature are set around 27℃ in the summer and around 20℃ in the winter to conserve electricity consumption.

- Actions at Konami Sports Club

Konami Sports Club strives to conserve energy while maintaining the customers' comfort by setting temperature standards for each season and area of the building.

Introducing LED Lighting

Konami Group has been replacing lighting fixtures with LEDs at its offices and Sports Clubs as an effort to reduce CO2 emission and save energy consumption. Our goal is to achieve 100% LED lighting by 2025 and reduce CO2 emissions in offices by 243,362kg/year (calculation based on FY2021 figures for FY2025.)

Reducing Water Consumption

Konami Sports Club strives to reduce water usage through introducing water saving devices, such as shower heads that take customer comfort into account, and implement strict control of water discharge.

Reducing Electricity Consumption

- OA Device Control

We work to conserve electricity by turning off the power or switching it to sleep mode during hours where devices are not in use. We also only use the bare minimum amount of paper for copying and printing by promoting paperless work.

- Lighting Control

We do our utmost to turn off the lights in the office that are not occupied by employees; this includes empty meeting rooms and vacant areas after business hours. In addition, we are making efforts to conserve electricity by dimming the lights in our office space by approximately 25% while keeping in respect to working environments.

- AC Control

"AC Demand Control" which limits and stops the operation of ACs so that electricity consumption does not exceed a set amount, as well as "AC Timer" which automatically turns-on/off ACs at a set time mitigates unnecessary usage of ACs. In addition to shortening overtime through efficient business operations, we work to control and shorten the use of AC during non-business hours.