The Environment

Energy Conservation Initiatives

KONAMI makes unified efforts throughout the group to implement CO2 emission reduction and energy conservation initiatives in its offices and facilities.

Supporting the "Fun to Share" Campaign

With a view to realizing a low-carbon society through energy conservation initiatives, the Konami Group supports the "Fun to Share" national climate change campaign promoted by the Ministry of the Environment.

Establishment of ECO Temperature Standards

- Practicing of COOL BIZ / WARM BIZ

We conduct efforts to control electricity consumption by setting the room temperature at 28℃ in the summer time and 20℃ in the winter time.

- Actions Addressed by Konami Sports Club

Konami Sports Club promotes energy saving by adjusting temperatures inside the facility during the summer and winter while maintaining the customers' comfort.

Introduction of LED Lighting

The Konami Group has been replacing lighting fixtures with LEDs at its facilities and sports clubs in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption.
The group has replaced all the lighting with LEDs at the training facility for the Konami Sports Gymnastics Team, resulting in a 53% reduction in electricity usage.

Reducing Water Consumption

Konami Sports Club strives to reduce the amount of water used through implementation of water saving devices such as shower heads that also take customer comfort into account.

Reducing Electricity Consumption

- Electricity Saving in OA Devices

We conduct concerted efforts in saving electricity consumed by OA devices by turning the power OFF or switching to sleep mode during hours that the OA devices are not in use while also using only the bare minimum amount of paper for copying and printing through promotion of paperless working.

- Lights Off

We do our utmost to turn off the lights in areas inside the office that are not occupied by employees, areas inside meeting rooms where seats are vacant, meeting spaces not in use, vacant areas inside the office after business hours when employees have left for the day, and areas where lighting is not necessary.

- Controlling of Air Conditioning during Non-business Hours

In addition to shortening of overtime through efficient business operations, we work to control and shorten the use of air conditioning during non-business hours.

- Use of Fluorescent Sphere Lamps

Konami Sport Club reduces electricity consumption by changing all silica sphere (white heat) / krypton bulb sphere lighting inside facilities to fluorescent sphere lamps.