The Environment

Introducing Our Cogeneration System

As an effort to reduce CO2 emission, Konami Sports Club has introduced Cogeneration Systems (*1) since July 2008.

■ Installed Facilities

24 facilities (As of July 31, 2022)

CO2 Reduction Achieved over Three Years through Adoption of Cogeneration System

Amount of Reduction (Unit: tons)
Conversion to Annual Amount of CO2 Absorption by Cedar Trees (*2) (Unit: trees)
(*1) Cogeneration System
A system which generates two or more types of energy such as electricity and heat from a single energy resource. While using a source such as natural gas to generate power through running an engine or a turbine, the exhaust heat can be used for heating, supplying hot water or as steam. With this system energy resources can be utilized fully, making it possible to conserve energy.
(*2) Calculated on the assumption that one 50-year-old cedar tree absorbs approx. 14 kg of CO2 per year (according to "Sink Measures to Prevent Global Warming" by the Ministry of the Environment and the Forestry Agency). (*3) Figures through FY2020 to FY2022 reflect impact of temporary closures and reduced hours placed as countermeasure for COVID-19 pandemic in some areas.