The Environment

Conversion from Heavy Oil to Natural Gas

As an effort to reduce CO2 emission, Konami Sports Club is converting its boiler heat source from heavy oil to natural gas since July 2008.
This fuel change has been sequentially implemented based on ESCO (*1) and the company investment scheme.

■ Installed Facilities

8 facilities (As of March 31, 2022)

CO2 Reduction Achieved over Three Years through Fuel Conversion

Amount of Reduction (Unit: tons)
Conversion to Annual Amount of CO2 Absorption by Cedar Trees (*2) (Unit: trees)
(*1) ESCO
ESCO is an acronym for Energy Service Company (a business which uses energy reduction as collateral). The energy conservation by introducing natural gas into its boilers at the Konami Sports Club is endorsed by the ESCO business enterprise.
(*2) Calculated on the assumption that one 50-year-old cedar tree absorbs approx. 14 kg of CO2 per year (according to "Sink Measures to Prevent Global Warming" by the Ministry of the Environment and the Forestry Agency). (*3) Figures through FY2020 to FY2022 reflect impact of temporary closures and reduced hours placed as countermeasure for COVID-19 pandemic in some areas.