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Konami Sports Club Cooperates with "Ota Ward's Top Athlete Dispatching Program"-KONAMI Medalist Employee Koji Yamamuro Gives First-Hand Instruction in Gymnastics to Elementary School Students

Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. sent its employee, Koji Yamamuro, to Chisetsu Elementary School (a public elementary school in Ota Ward, Tokyo) for a special lesson, as a guest lecturer to give first-hand instruction in gymnastics on Saturday, December 8th, 2018. Yamamuro is a member of the Konami Sports Gymnastics Team, who won the gold medal in the men's team all-around gymnastics at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

The special lesson was held as a part of "Ota Ward's Top Athlete Dispatching Program" for the six graders of Chisetsu Elementary School, providing them with an opportunity to discover the sheer joy of exercise and physical activities. They were taught how to perform forward rolls, forward straddle rolls, handstands and backflips through demonstrations.

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Konami Sports Club will continue to spread the joy and fun of exercise, and support the promotion of healthy living for children through these activities.