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Industry-Academic Partnership with Nippon Sport Science University-Contributing to Improving the Value of College Sports and Developing the Health and Fitness Industry

Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. and Nippon Sport Science University have signed an agreement to cooperate on physical education, sports, and health-related activities.

Nippon Sport Science University is a leading university in physical education and sports in Japan, having produced an array of top athletes in various sporting events, as well as physical education teachers and sports coaches, active in both Japan and overseas. The university was chosen to represent the "Promotion Project of College Sports," a public offering business conducted by the Japan Sports Agency, and implements initiatives that promote sports as well as improve the value of college sports.

Moving forward, each partner will draw on their respective strengths, and work together to promote various physical education, sports, and health-related activities including career planning for athletes, hosting sport events with top athletes, and developing studio exercise programs.

Konami Sports Club will strive to promote the advancement of college sports, as well as contribute to the development of the health and fitness industry through its industry-academic partnership with Nippon Sport Science University.