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Exercise guide video series "Konami Methods Matome" released

Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. has released a collection of web videos dubbed "Konami Methods Matome," which helps viewers to easily understand the correct ways to perform various physical activities.

By drawing on a wealth of experience gained over a decade of sports club operation, Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. has systematically organized good exercise and practice methods into a system known as the "Konami Method." Now, that system is available for viewing in video content format.

These videos feature athletes affiliated with the Konami Sports Club Gymnastics and Swimming Teams who provide easy-to-follow explanations of things such as correct bar techniques and correct breaststroke technique. In addition, instructors at Konami Sports Club facilities demonstrate various workouts that can be easily performed at home.

"Konami Methods Matome" is available on the Konami Sports Club website as well as other video-sharing websites, and has earned a favorable reception from parents, schoolteachers, and other education professionals.

Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. will continue to release web videos covering a diverse array of purposes, to promote healthier lifestyles for an ever greater number of people.

Adults can learn support techniques for working with children
Simple explanations for understanding correct exercise techniques
Demonstrating teaching techniques