Supporting Children's Dreams as Special Sponsor of "NPB Junior Tournament KONAMI CUP"

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Konami Digital Entertainment) has sponsored "NPB Junior Tournament KONAMI CUP" organized by Nippon Professional Baseball Organization (hereinafter, NPB) since 2020.

The 12 NPB teams each compose a Junior Team by selecting 5th and 6th grade elementary school boys and girls to play to become Japan's Number One. The tournament is held with the hope to bring the "dream of becoming a NPB player" familiar and have spawn many NPB players.

Upon the 2021 tournament, awards named from KONAMI's long cherished baseball content, has been established to cheer on the players and to bring on further excitement. Konami Digital Entertainment selects the team that passed the ball around the fastest pre-game with "PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS Award" and the player with most promising future throughout the competition with "PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU Award."

Tournament held in 2021

Konami Digital Entertainment will continue utilize its popular content to further promote and develop baseball, as well as creating places for young people, who will lead the next generation, to take on challenges.