Contributing to the Further Promotion and Development of Shogi
Special Sponsor of "Kio Crown KONAMI GROUP Championship"

KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION (hereinafter, Konami Group) is a Special Sponsor of "Kio Crown KONAMI GROUP Championship," organized by K.K.Kyodo News and the Japan Shogi Association.

"Kio Crown Championship" is one of the eight major Shogi titles, with a long history established in 1974 and becoming a title Championship the following year in 1975. The Championship consists of a preliminary round, played amongst professionals and amateur meijin players, and a tournament round to determine the Challenger. The Challenger then plays a best-of-five series against the Kio Crown, usually in February or March of each year.

"The 48th Kio Crown KONAMI GROUP Championship," with Konami Group becoming the first ever title sponsor, commenced in January 2022. At the best-of-five series, which began in February 2023, Akira Watanabe, 10 season consecutive holder of the Kio Crown, played against Sota Fujii, the current winner of five Championship titles. Sota Fujii won, making him the youngest player in history to win six Championship titles.

The 48th Kio Crown KONAMI GROUP Championship
4th Game of the Best-of-Five Series

Konami Group will strive to contribute to the further promotion and development of the culture of Shogi through its Special Sponsor of the historic "Kio Crown Championship."