Konami Digital Entertainment Hosts "FOR ALL CAPABILITIES FESTIVAL" with FC Barcelona Foundation
Providing the Experience to Enjoy Physical Activities Regardless of Disabilities

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Konami Digital Entertainment) hosted "FOR ALL CAPABILITIES FESTIVAL" together with FC Barcelona Foundation, founded in 1994, at Funabashi Arena on March 4.

As a partner company of FC Barcelona, Konami Digital Entertainment shares FC Barcelona Foundation's value of "supporting the inclusion of children with disabilities through sports and education to realize an equal and symbiotic society" and has continuously supporting its activities since 2017.

"FOR ALL CAPABILITIES FESTIVAL" is the culmination of the For All Capabilities Project, which has been taking place since 2019 to promote the inclusion of children with functional diversity in Japan, with the aim of helping to create a more equitable and inclusive society. More than 120 children, regardless of their disabilities, had the opportunity to experience the joy of physical activity together through a variety of activities and cooperative games based on methodology SportNet developed by FC Barcelona Foundation, which conveys the joy of physical activity without being limited by individual characteristics or abilities.


Konami Digital Entertainment will continue to support the creation of an environment in which all children, who will be responsible for the next generation, can play active roles through collaboration with partners who can generate synergies.