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Konami Sports Club Cooperates with "Dream, Future Project" Hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
KONAMI Medalist Employee Serves as Guest Lecturer

In response to a request for cooperation from the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. sent its employee, Junko Onishi, to a public elementary school in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, as a guest lecturer for "Dream, Future Project 2017" held on September 2nd, 2017. Onishi is a swimmer who consecutively represented Japan in the Athens and Sydney Olympics, and won the bronze medal in the 4 × 400m medley relay at the Sydney Olympics.

The "Dream, Future Project," hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Citizens and Cultural Affairs, is a project where Olympians and Paralympians are dispatched to schools. Through direct interaction with Olympians and Paralympians, the project aims to educate infants, children and students about the idea and value of the Olympics and Paralympics, increase interest in sports, motivate them to chase their dreams or overcome hurdles they face, and contribute to the realization of a peaceful and inclusive society. The number of schools participated has increased from 230 in 2016 to 310 in 2017, which enabled more children to gain a better understanding of the Olympics and Paralympics than before.

On the day of the event, Onishi interacted with the children by giving a practical swimming lesson and speech to approximately 150 students, introducing the wonder of sports and the importance of pursuing hopes and dreams.

Konami Sports Club will continue to help promote the growth and development of sports through these activities.

Dream, Future Project Dream, Future Project
Dream, Future Project