Supporting Japan Association for the World Food Programme

Since becoming a member of the Japan Association for the World Food Programme (*1) (below, JAWFP) in 2010, KONAMI has continuously supported the organization's activity as a Council.

Though there is enough food for everyone on this planet, approximately one in nine - or a total of 821 million - people suffer from hunger, and many children lose their life as a result of hunger and related diseases (*2).

We hope to help solve these issues related to hunger and poverty through supporting the JAWFP's initiatives.

(*1) JAWFP
JAWFP is a non-profit organization and the Official Japan wing of the World Food Programme (hereafter referred to as WFP) whose mission is to eradicate hunger and poverty.
JAWFP's objective is to domestically advocate issues surrounding hunger and WFP's activities in tackling it, to provide a wide range of means in supporting its activity and opportunities in which people can easily participate, and to significantly increase the material and spiritual support from the Japanese society.


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