Quality Control

The Konami Group's Approach to Quality

Guided by a corporate philosophy of customer-centrism and compliance, our mission at KONAMI is to provide the customer with safe and reliable products and services, and to never stop doing our utmost to improve their quality.

Advancing Quality Control

The goal of KONAMI's quality control department is to act as a cross-boundaries unit and elevate product sharing and quality control to new levels.

Raising Our IPs' Brand Power

KONAMI is advancing ways of implementing quality control and gauging market quality from the product planning and test development stages to the pre-production and production stages.

In addition to scrupulous investigation, evaluation, and testing at every stage of the development process, we have greatly improved our market monitoring as well, enabling us to respond swiftly to issues identified by customers after a product's release. Furthermore, our verification process continues even after the release of a title.

Going beyond the standard compliance and core industry regulations, which revolve around design- and procurement-based product improvement, the additional standards we set for ourselves at KONAMI serve as the foundation for our quality control system.

In order to increase customer confidence and satisfaction even further, we have also implemented an e-learning system to improve how our employees evaluate our products.

As part of our environmental initiatives, our business-use amusement products feature an eco-mode, and we actively explore further advances in energy saving. KONAMI will continue to incorporate energy saving and environmentally friendly features into our products.

Quality control for our products and services will remain a focus for us in our drive to deliver even greater product satisfaction to all our customers.

Quality Control

KONAMI conducts thorough quality checks to ensure our customers get the maximum enjoyment from our products. Our goal is to never stop improving the product value and satisfaction we provide.

Software Quality Evaluation System