Konami Sports receives Certificate of Appreciation as "PrivacyMark Institutional Contributor"

Konami Sports Co., Ltd. (hereafter Konami Sports) received a Certificate of Appreciation from JIPDEC as "PrivacyMark Institutional Contributor" for its contribution to the development of the PrivacyMark system through its multi-year effort to establish and operate a personal information protection management system (PMS).

Konami Sports receives Certificate of Appreciation as "PrivacyMark Institutional Contributor"
Certificate of Appreciation

This Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to enterprises upon its seventh certification of PrivacyMark.

■ Konami Sports' Protection of Personal Information

Konami Sports handles personal information in a variety of way in the course of running wide range of sports-related businesses, including the operation of fitness clubs and schools and online sales of sports-related products.
In order to fulfill our responsibility as a company that handles personal information, our Personal Information Protection Policy was established on March 1, 2005 and have made efforts to protect such information in accordance with this policy. As a result, we have been certified for the seventh time since receiving the first PrivacyMark certification in April 2009.

■ PrivacyMark System

This system grants the use of the PrivacyMark as a proof of the evaluation of enterprises that have appropriate measures to protect personal information in compliance with Japan Industrial Standards "JIS Q 15001: [Personal Information Protection Management System-Requirements]*". PrivacyMark certification is effective for 2 years with application for renewal necessary every 2 years thereafter.
* Management system by business operators for personal information used in their business operation, including policy, system, plan, enforcement, inspection and review that protect individual rights and interest, while considering serviceability.

To ensure our customers with reliable use of our service, Konami Sports will continue to maintain and operate a system for the appropriate protection of personal information.