Breast Cancer Awareness Activity - "PINK OUT DANCE DAY"

In conjunction with the global Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2023 October, Jazzercise Japan, operating nationwide by Konami Sports Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Konami Sports) as the sole domestic distributor, held "PINK OUT DANCE DAY," a Pink-Ribbon event, at six venues.

The event was held as an initiative of the Pink-Ribbon Movement to bring awareness to breast cancer and the importance of early detection. Participants received brochures for the cause and were informed of the importance of breast self-exam and regular medical checkups. A portion of merchandise sales and donations from event participants were offered to Japan Pink-Ribbon of Smile and Happiness campaign, a certified NPO that runs the Pink-Ribbon Movement, and the Japan Cancer Society.

Explaining How To Do a Breast Self-Exam

Distributing Brochures to
Raise Awareness to Breast Cancer

Participants Dancing in Event Original Outfits
and Othere Costumes with Pink Motifs

Konami Sports will continue to support people lead healthy lives through engaging in various activities.