Disaster Relief Activity in Ichihara City Affected by River Flood and Landslide

On November 1, the Konami Group carried out volunteer activities in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture that was heavily affected by typhoons and heavy rain in the past months. Residents of the area are still forced to live in inconvenient conditions due to river flood and landslide resulting in major disaster.

In an effort to contribute to the restoration of the affected areas, the Konami Group has continuously supported disaster reliefs by utilizing funds donated from our employees.

Volunteers from the Konami Group Shain-kai (Konami Group Employee Association) worked with other volunteers in Ichihara City to clear-out floorboards and broken furniture from the homes that had been inundated with flood waters.

As a good corporate citizen contributing to the society, the Konami Group will continue to engage in various relief efforts with the hope to bring back smiles to those affected.

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