KONAMI Content Helps Revitalize a Local Community

Kuranogawa, a fictional town that appears in KONAMI's character band content "Hinabita♪," has become a sister city to Kurayoshi in Tottori Prefecture, promoting the "development of a vital local community" by incorporating its regional characteristics in an effort to revitalize the region.

The plot of "Hinabita♪" revolves around the theme of regional revitalization, with the town of Kuranogawa in which the story takes place, sharing many similarities with Kurayoshi in Tottori Prefecture, including their historical backgrounds and townscapes. These similarities have attracted a lot of interest among fans, which eventually led to the idea of forming a sister-city association.

Through this sister-city association, KONAMI held a special "Hinabita♪" tie-in event dubbed "Kurayoshi Cherry Blossom Festival♪" in Kurayoshi in April 2016.
This event brought great excitement to many fans with an array of activities such as a project recreating scenes from "Hinabita♪" throughout the whole town, a concert featuring new songs from "Hinabita♪," and the issuing of special resident cards for fictional town Kuranogawa.

KONAMI will continue to support efforts toward the revitalization of local communities by leveraging its proprietary content.

* "Hinabita♪" is a series of character band content launched in 2012.
Set in the town of Kuranogawa, the story of "HinaBita♪" follows the adventures of five local girls concerned about their flagging shopping avenue, as they form a band and attempt to use music to revitalize the town.
Other than the information released via its website, publications such as novels and manga serve to deepen the world of "HinaBita♪."

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