Gotouchi Taiso

Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. aims to provide support for members of local communities to make exercise part of their daily routine via "Gotouchi Taiso" a variety of exercises featuring local specialties or characteristics.

In a TV show airing on BS Japan called "Let's Gotouchi Taiso Plus (*)," instructors at Konami Sports Club facilities all around the country provide an easy to understand explanation of how to do "Gotouchi Taiso," and demonstrate various workouts aimed at making exercise enjoyable for local communities.

"Gotouchi Taiso" is an array of unique exercises that are created in each region by incorporating local specialties or characteristics, and can be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly. The exercises also include a multitude of elements which contribute to health maintenance and general well-being, such as development of the lower body - a key fitness element in everyday living.