Konami Group's Support for Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts

In correspondent to the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Konami Group has provided the following support for reconstruction and has taken power saving measures in response to electricity shortages.


The Konami Group has made donations of 100 million yen through the Central Community Chest of Japan.
An additional 31,151,476 yen collected from employees across the Konami Group has also been donated through the Japan Red Cross Society.

Support Activities

The Konami Group has provided various support through its business activities.

[ Employee Association "Konami Group Shain-kai" ]

[ Konami Digital Entertainment ]

[ Konami Sports ]

Power Saving Measures

As a voluntary initiative to save electricity in response to electricity shortages, we have adopted a shift work schedule that supports power savings.
We also took various measures at related facilities in the service areas of the Tokyo and Tohoku Electric Power Companies, such as turning off outdoor advertising signs, adjusting air conditioning temperature settings and reducing the use of unnecessary power (e.g. office lighting).