Raising Customer Satisfaction

Customer Support
(Inquiries about Products of Digital Entertainment and Sports Businesses)

The Konami Group has established several services through which our customers can contact us, either by phone, letter, or over the Internet.

With Mobile Games in particular, this lets customers quickly and easily get in touch with developers and administrators, enabling us to incorporate customer feedback into games and improve the quality of our services.

Additionally, we are currently enhancing our online environment to allow us to provide useful information on a customer-by-customer basis.
This easy-to-use system will also serve as an information database, offering the customer readily available answers to questions.

Customer Support (Konami Sports Club)

Konami Sports Co., Ltd. has also established several means through which our customers can provide us feedback, enabling us to improve our products and services.

Konami Sports Club Info Dial is designed to provide quick and accurate information for customers who are looking for information on our facilities or who have a system query.

We make our best effort to immediately answer inquires or opinions directed to the Customer Support Office to sincerely and promptly support customers.
We greatly value the input we receive from our customers. Examined by management at regular meetings and other gatherings, it is then swiftly applied to improve our products and services.