Social Contribution through Business

Clean-up Efforts around the Konami Group Kobe Technical Center

In addition to day-to-day clean-up operations, the Konami Group's Kobe Technical Center takes part in regional environmental clean-up initiatives, an organized clean-up effort around the streets of industrial parks and other areas.
It is KONAMI's hope that its involvement will result in greater interaction between industrial parks and neighboring businesses and residents, as well as contribute to further development in the region.

Clean-up Efforts around Konami Sports Club Facilities

Konami Sports Co., Ltd. aims to strengthen ties with local residents by improving the aesthetic appearance of areas where we operate business. Employees at Konami Sports Co., Ltd. take part in regular clean-up campaigns in the areas surrounding Konami Sports Club facilities in order to achieve this goal.

Clean-up Efforts around Central Branch of Konami Sports Club Clean-up Efforts around Konami Sports Club Nishinomiya Central Branch
Clean-up Efforts around Konami Sports Club Shibuya Clean-up Efforts around Konami Sports Club Shin-Ishikiri

SDGs Sport "Plogging"

Under the philosophy of "solving local issues through sports and culture," Konami Sports works to beautify the local environment by implementing the SDGs sport "Plogging*" in the PPP business.
* "Plogging" is a new sport that originate in Sweden, in which participants engage in environmental beautification activities by picking up litter while jogging.

Staff Plogging at Naguwashi Park PiKOA Staff Plogging at Funabashi Arena