Supporting healthy living in disaster areas

Rebuilding a disaster area involves ensuring that residents' myriad healthcare and caregiving needs will be adequately met, and to accomplish this, the drive and determination found in the private sector is essential.

A group known as the Kesennuma Health and Longevity Corps, of which Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. is a principal contingent, was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry to support regional healthcare operations as part of its 2011 Tōhoku revitalization effort.

Made up of six organizations, including regional medical institutions, a university, and health-related businesses, its mission is to promote healthy living to victims located in the Motoyoshi District of Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture through various events focusing on public awareness and health services covering exercise, nutrition, medical consultations, and other important areas.

The Konami Group is responsible for the administration of such aspects of the operation as healthcare management - carried out through our IT systems - and conducting exercise classes.

An example of our involvement is the allocation of scales and blood-pressure gauges to common areas of temporary housing, and the IT health management system used by patrons of Konami Sports Club and other facilities is put to use in monitoring residents' health.

This is part of a new initiative to provide healthcare services to those in disaster areas regardless of whether there is a local Konami Sports Club.

In the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami, approximately 40% of the population is thought to have some form of sleep disorder, and others have disuse syndrome, where the body weakens due to reduced physical activity. These and other conditions are having profound effects on residents' health.

Additionally, sodium intake is relatively higher in the Tōhoku region, and is considered a possible cause behind the increased rate of hypertension seen there. With this in mind, dietary changes involving low-sodium foods are a key part of the Corps' operations.

Through providing low-sodium foods and recipes, sleep-data monitoring, phone consultation services, and other programs, the Kesennuma Health and Longevity Corps is helping residents of disaster areas live healthier in body and mind.