Corporate Social Responsibility at the Konami Group

Our Corporate Goal

We, the Konami Group, make it our aim to answer to the highest expectations of our customers worldwide by creating and providing entertainment with true value.

The Konami Group: Realizing Our Philosophy Through a Strict Code of Values

Customer-Oriented Our
"Customer-Oriented" policy means that the customer comes first.

We maximize customer satisfaction by providing only the highest quality products and services.

Our Challenge
Our Challenge is to boldly seek to archive goals without worrying about failure.

We challenge ourselves every day to create and innovate so that we may offer our customers excitement and inspiration that uniquely touches them.

Response to Change
We need to be aware of change occurring in our times.

The world is constantly changing, and our customers' needs change with it. We must rconstantly pinpoint these changes and be flexible in our response to them.

Our action should be taken with dignity and consciousness.

Observing the law and ethical practices is the first step to gaining trust. Recognizing that even the smallest oversight can adversely affect our entire group, we strive to conduct our business in a frank and earnest manner.

Basic Policy

The Konami Group has designated as one of its core management policies the aspiration to "maintain sound relationships with all stakeholders, including our shareholders, and contribute to society as a good corporate citizen." as one of our core management policies. We will actively engage in such initiatives across the entire group.
In addition to always being conscious of maintaining good relationships with shareholders, investors, customers, business partners, employees, and society in general through our corporate activities, we specifically address the following four issues: "Environmental Initiatives," "Supporting Culture, Academics, and Sports," "Community Assistance," and "the Kozuki Foundation."

Brand Concept

Creating a shift from The Consumption of Time to The Value of Time. Changing all aspects of life into a bright and inspiring experience. Turning Everyday Life into High Quality Life.

Konami Group Brand Logo

Konami Group Brand Logo
The Konami Group Brand Logo is designed under the theme of "Contemporary Quality," using a dynamic serif font that demonstrates substance and reassurance. Based on Konami Group's foundations of innovation and originality, the logo demonstrates class, confidence and vibrancy, all fitting traits of a corporation that works to support high quality life.


KONAMI RED uses cardinal red, which is easy to familiarize with and expresses quality and class. It demonstrates the corporate attitude of Konami Group, which offers inspiration and reassurance of a joyous, fulfilling life.