Better work environment

Supporting Diverse Work Approaches

Helping balance work and family life

The Konami Group has expanded our childcare support system as well as other programs in our commitment to enabling all of our employees to balance work and family life.
The Konami Group provides the employees with the opportunities to learn about the company's childcare support system. We hold sessions to explain the system and give some example cases in which the system was implemented. We have also had a number of discussion sessions where employees meet and talk about how they handle childcare while working.
The Konami Group will continue to promote an environment that allows individuals to exercise independent and otherwise diverse work approaches.

Helping balance work and family life
Helping balance work and family life

Earning "Kurumin" certification

Earning "Kurumin" certification In March 2011, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. received the "Next-Generation Certification Mark" (known as "Kurumin") after implementing the steps outlined in the "General Business Owner Action Plan," a measure based on the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare's Supporting the Development of the Next Generation Law.
Beyond this, the Konami Group as a whole is active in advancing initiatives that support the growth of the next generation of citizens.

Employee healthcare support – Regular check-ups, influenza inoculations

The Konami Group conducts a range of programs to actively support the health and fitness of our employees.
We keep nurses on staff at each of our offices, and the regular check-ups with industrial doctors that we insist upon as the basis for personal health management are just one part of our system that ensures KONAMI our employees always have easy access to health-related advice.
In addition, as a preventative measure against influenza, we arrange for medical personnel to administer inoculations within each of our offices.
Through this and other methods, we will continue to actively support the health of all employees.

Employee healthcare support
Employee healthcare support

Employee healthcare support – Mental health care

The Konami Group has implemented several solutions to support the physical and mental well-being of our employees. These include the establishment of on-site consultation offices staffed by industrial physicians and nurses, and an external employee assistance program (EAP) that provides individuals with counseling services for work or non-work related matters.
Every year, in combination with a standard physical, employees also undergo mental examination to assist with the prevention, early detection, and treatment of mental disorders.
We will continue to provide our complete support to the physical and mental healthcare of all our employees so that each may perform his or her job to the fullest.