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Promoting Diversity

The importance of diversity

The Konami Group's operations target the worldwide market, making it a necessity to recruit and cultivate individuals capable of thinking and acting globally.
To meet this challenge, the company is actively building a globalized workplace made up of employees of diverse nationalities, genders, ages, and cultures. The Konami Group will continue to promote ever-greater diversity while carrying on its tradition of good Japanese-style business management.

Promoting Active Participation by Women

The Konami Group strives to create an environment that promotes active workplace participation by female employees. As part of such initiatives, we have adopted various measures to help female employees balance work and child-rearing, such as extension of maternity leave and shortening of working hours, so that they can smoothly return to work after giving birth to their children.
Throughout the Konami Group, we have a number of women working in managerial positions who play active roles in key sectors, including the female Director of KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION and the female Chairman of the Board of one of our group companies.
Currently, over 10% of the total number of Konami Sports Club facilities have female employees serving as facility manager*, and we have plans in place to raise this proportion to 30% by 2017.
The Konami Group will further develop our solid framework for promoting active participation by female employees, and increase the hiring rate for women. By offering training sessions designed to motivate female employees to pursue their career possibilities, we also make an ongoing effort to create a vibrant workplace where women can maximize their talents and broaden their horizons.
*As of the end of December, 2014

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Konami Digital Entertainment Certified as an Outstanding Company Based on the Act to Promote Women’s Participation
Receives Highest Certification, "Eruboshi" Symbol, from Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. has been certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as an outstanding company for promoting women’s participation in the workplace, and subsequently received the highest certification, the "Eruboshi" symbol, in July 2016.

In this certification system based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace ("Act to Promote Women’s Participation"), of the many companies that have formulated and submitted general employer action plans, the outstanding few that have met a certain set of standards and have created an environment conducive to female participation are awarded the "Eruboshi" symbol by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. Only those that have fulfilled all the five standards (recruitment, continued employment, ways of working such as working hours, ratio of women in managerial positions, and various career possibilities), and have released their results to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website every year are awarded this certification.

In order to help ease employees’ return to work from maternity and childcare leave, and support continuation of their careers, KONAMI’s range of policies have included extending measures such as reduced working hours, and financial assistance for childcare costs including daycare and babysitting expenses. The Konami Group will continue to further evolve an environment that promotes active workplace participation for female employees.


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Recruitment of foreign employees and international workplace environment

Overseas, the Konami Group participates in college-level job seminars, recruiting students from a range of countries and disciplines. Additionally, the Group's attendance at conventions and other exhibitions abroad allows us to meet experienced applicants ready to face today's global challenges. The number of foreign employees hired through these and other means is increasing year by year, accelerating the development of the Group's global strategy.
Konami is also committed to making it easier for foreign employees to work in Japan through its approach to the work environment. These steps include holding regular interviews with employees through the personnel department to further job duty understanding, and offering a counseling service for non-work related matters. These conversations are also an opportunity to help the employee develop his or her own career path.

Recruitment at an overseas event

Recruitment at an overseas event

A counseling session in progress

A counseling session in progress

Cultivating a globalized workforce

The Konami Group is engaged in creating a workforce capable of operating on the global stage through language learning support, training courses, and sending employees on overseas work assignments.
Our language learning support covers a wide range of programs, including having foreign or bilingual employees serve as tutors in regular English-language study groups, and even inviting instructors from outside the company to share their knowledge of English learning in seminars. Such educational opportunities prepare employees for the regular TOEIC exams that the Group offers on-site.
The Group also gives members of its workforce who have demonstrated a solid language skills foundation the ability to further develop their linguistic talent. For example, training courses on global management conducted entirely in English help expand employees' business skills when dealing with foreign cultures.
Finally, Konami has long helped its employees experience work environments around the globe by allowing young, mid-level, and executive staff members alike the opportunity to work abroad for fixed periods.

Study group in progress

Study group in progress

KONAMI Employee Participated in the 9th International Abilympics (Held in Bordeaux, France), Representing Japan in the Creating Web Pages Category

An employee of the Konami Group took part in the 9th International Abilympics (held in Bordeaux, France) from March 23, 2016, as a representative of Japan in the Creating Web Pages Category.

The International Abilympics is a worldwide competition held every four years, with the goal of encouraging persons with disabilities to have a sense of independence in occupations, as well as deepening understanding and awareness of diversity throughout the business sector and general public, and promoting international goodwill. This year’s Abilympics included vocational skill competitions in 48 categories, and featured 511 competitors from 35 different countries.

The Konami Group consistently endeavors to support our diverse workforce, such as by providing employment support for persons with disabilities, to create a working environment that enables employees from a variety of backgrounds to improve themselves and make the most of their talents.

KONAMI Employee Participated in the 9th International Abilympics

KONAMI Employee Won at "Sports Festival in Tokyo 2013, the 13th National Sports Cup for Disabled People"

The employee of Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. came in first for table tennis at "The 13th National Sports Cup for Disabled People" held on October 12th, 2013.
Held in regions around Japan, the purpose of this event is to promote social participation of individuals with disability and the understanding of the disabled through providing them with the opportunity to enjoy playing sports.
Konami Group offers its continuous support to its diverse workforce, which includes the disabled, in the hope that its employees never stop trying to improve themselves and develop their talents.

KONAMI Employees Won at "Sports Festival in Tokyo 2013, the 13th National Sports Cup for Disabled People"
KONAMI Employees Won at "Sports Festival in Tokyo 2013, the 13th National Sports Cup for Disabled People"

Won Table Tennis (Age Group: under age 19, Disability Classification: 18)

Promoting hiring