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Earning "Safe Workplace" certification

Safe Workplace (G-Mark) certification

In January 2013, Konami Manufacturing & Service, Inc. received its Safe Workplace certification from the Japan Trucking Association, a nationwide cargo truck operations rationalization agency.

Konami Manufacturing & Service, Inc. has now received the certification three consecutive times, the first being in January 2008. The evaluation takes into account compliance with safety laws, history of accidents and violations, and the implementation of proactive safety initiatives.

Determined to achieve an even greater safety profile, Konami Manufacturing & Service, Inc. will continue to refine its compliance and product distribution operations.

[Certification dates: January 2008 (1st), January 2010 (2nd), January 2013 (3rd)]

The G-Mark System (Cargo Truck Operations Safety Evaluation Process)

As a nationwide cargo truck operations rationalization agency, the Japan Trucking Association evaluates the individual offices of companies that operate cargo trucks, examining their approach to traffic safety and other factors. Offices meeting certain criteria are awarded the G-Mark certification.

This evaluation system, a due process in which business operators are judged on their safety, certified, and publicly recognized, makes it easier for customers to select a safe operator and raises awareness among operators of how to go about increasing safety.

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