In Harmony with Employees

Cultivating Human Resources

Our human resources development scheme

We consider cultivating employees to be indispensable to our growth as a company, and to that end we are active in developing our human resources.
Concepts that form the basis of employee conduct, such as compliance and corporate philosophy, are of constant importance in these times of continual market flux and shifting trends, and they will continue to be a key factor for the Konami Group in our focus on employee education.
With that in mind, we have implemented programs organized by hierarchy and occupational category.

Compliance, harassment, and standards of conduct

Given our approach to diverse operations, the Konami Group recognizes the importance of compliance across the Group as a whole, and this forms a major part of our employee training. Compliance covers not only the law, but everything from information management to everyday business etiquette. We want employees to be able to "do the natural thing, naturally," bolstering the individual's career path at the same time.
Furthermore, to help maintain a positive work environment in which employees feel comfortable with their peers, we have established guidelines covering company standards of conduct.

Hierarchy-based training

The Konami Group has implemented training programs designed to enhance the business skills required by employees according to the level of their position.
Staff are divided into new, junior, mid-level, management, and executive departments, with training tailored to meet the specific needs of each tier.
For instance, new employees are taught a range of basic business skills, junior staff are made aware of the concept of "thinking and acting at one's discretion," and mid-level workers discover how to become a leader by challenging both themselves and those around them.

Purpose-specific training

Technology and services are constantly changing in the entertainment business, and to ensure every employee is ready to respond to these changes, we have instituted purpose-specific training. In this training, staff members receive more specialized instruction covering topics such as the applications of the latest industry technology and tools.
In addition to technical skills, other courses focus on fundamental business know-how, including the law, financial affairs, and intellectual property.

Our program for cultivating human resources

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