In Harmony with the Environment

Introducing our cogeneration system

The Konami Sports Club has been introducing a cogeneration (combined heat and power) system (*1) to its facilities since December, 2004.
We use private generators to produce our own electricity to be used as part of the power supply for our facilities. At the same time, the exhaust heat produced during power generation is also effectively utilized within the facilities. By doing so, we are achieving energy conservation and also reducing CO2 emissions.

■ Number of facilities adopting a cogeneration system
23 facilities (As of March 31, 2013)

CO2 Reduction Achieved over Three Years through Adoption of Cogeneration System

Amount of reduction  (Unit: tons)
Conversion to an annual amount of
CO2 absorption by cedar trees(*2)  (Unit: trees)
(*1) A system which generates two or more types of energy such as electricity and heat from a single energy resource. While using a source such as natural gas to generate power through running an engine or a turbine, the exhaust heat can be used for heating, supplying hot water or as steam. With this system energy resources can be utilized fully, making it possible to conserve energy. (*2) Calculated on the assumption that one 50-year-old cedar tree absorbs approx. 14 kg of CO2 per year (according to "Sink Measures to Prevent Global Warming" by the Ministry of the Environment and the Forestry Agency).
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