In Harmony with the Environment

Promotion of Modal Shift

Modal shift is a transport changeover from trucks to transport by railway or ship that are more environmentally friendly and produce less of an environmental burden from exhaust gasses and other pollutants.
KONAMI is actively pursuing modal shift as part of its efforts toward environmental protection, having shifted from truck to rail transport from January 2005.
As a result of our efforts in promoting modal shift, we succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by 31.20 tons in the fiscal year 2013. (the same amount of CO2 as absorbed by 2,229 cedar trees per year*)

(*) Calculated on the assumption that one 50-year-old cedar tree absorbs approx. 14 kg of CO2 per year (according to "Sink Measures to Prevent Global Warming" by the Ministry of the Environment and the Forestry Agency).

KONAMI is promoting modal shift by using the "Super Green Shuttle Liner."
In addition, Konami is a registered member of the Green Distribution Partnership Committee.

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