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Supporting Educational Activities in Tokyo

The Konami Sports Club Gymnastics Team's Makoto Okiguchi was invited to participate in a special "Principal for a Day" program held at elementary schools in Nishitokyo City and Shinagawa Ward, where he took the one-day principal position.

This "Principal for a Day" program, organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, is designed to build momentum in the run up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Through interaction with athletes who have competed at the Olympics, the program also aims to show children the importance of chasing their dreams, and strengthen their motivation to overcome hurdles they face by cultivating greater interest in sports.

During the program, Okiguchi conducted a gymnastics class targeted at the fourth to sixth grade students, instructing them in an up-close setting about gymnastics moves from the basic to the advanced, including forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and headstands. This opportunity to receive first-hand instruction from the Olympic medalist provided an invaluable experience for the children.

Okiguchi concluded the program with a speech to all the students that illustrated his first encounter with gymnastics and his path to the Olympics, highlighting the unique attraction of the Olympics and how important it is not to lose sight of their ultimate goals.

Konami Sports Club will continue to help promote the growth and development of gymnastics through these activities.

*Okiguchi's team and title were accurate at the time of the event.
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