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Supporting Japan Association for the World Food Programme

KONAMI is a proud member of the Council (*1) of the Japan Association for the World Food Programme (*2) (below, JAWFP), and it actively supports the organization's activities. Even though there is plenty of food for everyone on earth, about one in seven - or a total of around 925 million - people suffer from hunger, and many children lose their lives as a result of hunger and related diseases (*3).
As a council member of JAWFP, Konami hopes to help solve these problems of hunger and poverty.

JAWFP is a Japan-based, non-profit organization that supports the World Food Programme (hereafter referred to as WFP) by uniting organizations and individuals committed to solving world hunger. WFP is the world's largest humanitarian organization fighting hunger worldwide.
JAWFP's PR, advocacy, fundraising and collaboration efforts with the Japanese private sector support WFP and its food assistance operations.
(*2)Council of JAWFP
This council was established in July 2005 as a forum to build support in Japan for WFP, aiming that JAWFP and the private sector (including organizations, corporations and individuals) may bring their wisdom together to solve world hunger and to make active contributions worldwide.
(*3)Source: WFP website
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