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Gotouchi Taiso

Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. aims to provide support for members of local communities to make exercise part of their daily routine via "Gotouchi Taiso" a variety of exercises featuring local specialties or characteristics.

In a TV show airing on BS Japan called "Let's Gotouchi Taiso Plus (*)," instructors at Konami Sports Club facilities all around the country provide an easy to understand explanation of how to do "Gotouchi Taiso," and demonstrate various workouts aimed at making exercise enjoyable for local communities.

"Gotouchi Taiso" is an array of unique exercises that are created in each region by incorporating local specialties or characteristics, and can be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly. The exercises also include a multitude of elements which contribute to health maintenance and general well-being, such as development of the lower body - a key fitness element in everyday living.

Gotouchi Taiso

*Let's Gotouchi Taiso Plus: Airs on BS Digital 7 Channel, from Mondays to Fridays, at 7:50 a.m. to 7:55 a.m.

Promoting Healthier Lifestyles for Local Communities
Konami Sports Club Creates "Gotouchi Taiso" in Katsuragi City, Nara Prefecture

Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. has developed "Dosukoi Taiso" due to the request of the city of Katsuragi in Nara Prefecture.

The exercise features fundamental sumo movements, including "Dosukoi (thrusting both hands forward)" and "Shiko (stamping on the ring)," since Katsuragi City is said to be the birthplace of Sumo. The exercise is thought to be helpful for strengthening the muscles around the legs and lower back, as well as enhancing balance ability.

A presentation session was held in Katsuragi City to introduce the newly developed "Gotouchi Taiso," offering attendants the opportunity to experience "Dosukoi Taiso" at first hand.

In addition to introducing the exercise at an array of events including citizens' sports festival, Katsuragi City intends to make the exercise become more popular throughout the city by introducing not only to the elderly but also to others, such as day-care centers, kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools.

We will also verify the physical benefits of the exercise in collaboration with the University of Tokyo with the goal of tying it to our business activities.

Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd. will continue to promote healthier lifestyles for a broad age demographic, as well as provide support for health promoting initiatives and revitalization of the region.

Dosukoi Taiso