Opt- Out of Google Analytics 360 System

We (KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION) use "Google Analytics 360 System" for the purpose of collecting the marketing data in relation to your use of the website specified below ("Website"). You may change your data collection setting of the Website. Your current setting of the Website is as follows:

There is a choice of "Opt-In" and "Opt-Out" in the data collection setting.
If you wish to change the data collection setting, please choose one of the followings:


I understand that I will be issued a new Google Analytics 360 cookie to enable data collection.


I understand that no data about my experience will be collected by Google Analytics 360 at the Website <www.konami.com> for which Google Analytics 360 collects data using its own cookies. I understand Google Analytics 360 will record that at "Total Opt- Out" election has been made, so that aggregated totals of "Total Opt- Out" elections can be calculated and recorded.
Current Status: ""